© José Léon Cerrillo

José Léon Cerrillo:
I Couldn't See the Dolphins (Detail), 2002
Denim, Paint Pours, 120" x 60"

Adams, Cerrillo, Perkins

Massimo Audiello is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring the work of Derrick Adams, José Léon Cerrillo, and George Perkins. In this energetic show of painting, sculpture, and photography, serious questions spring from playful responses to an out-of-balance world.

Derrick Adams uses a variety of media to show the shape-shifting force of popular culture in our lives, and how, especially in the city, the fantastical and the mundane mingle to make us the more-than-human creatures we are. For this exhibition he will create an unusual back-stage environment, where heroic and freakish costumes hang on the racks and the viewer is free to play and explore. Are we the children waiting for our super-heroes to arrive, or is it ourselves being challenged to don the costumes and perform?

José Léon Cerrillo creates painting-based environments that merge the skateboard shop with the artist's studio. His materials can include canvas, formica, whiskey and deer-hide. And the acrylic paint finds itself in both conventional and unconventional places. The relation between these objects and the paint is surprisingly formal, but it is also like a personality caught in the act, laid bare by revealing gestures, and we can't help but spy a dubious secret-life that is colorful, vain, and mischievously despairing. It is an envious relationship, where things pretend to be paintings and paintings pose as things, and it is difficult to tell which is more jealous of the other.

George Perkins' photos; an elegant series of dented auto-bodies, brings the urban-mundane to the point of abstraction, but the process is left deliberately open. The images look like coolly collected evidence, perhaps the secret documents of a crash-test, and at the same time they are possessed of an intellectual beauty that is undeniably warm. In contrast to the message that a car is magical space where comfort and control marry adventure and surprise, Perkins gives us something severe as a monument and deeply uninhabitable.

March 28 - May 10, 2003
Hours: Tue-Sat 11 am - 6 pm

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