© Erick Swenson

Erick Swenson: Untitled, 2003
plastic, fiberglass, steel, flocking, acrylic paint


Marina Abramovic, John Constable, Gustave Courbet, Marcel Duchamp, Olafur Elisasson, Robert Fludd, Adam Fuss, Robert Gober, Howard Goldkrand, Hans Haacke, Ann Hamilton, Yves Klein, Jeff Koons, Piero Manzoni, Richard Misrach, Dennis Oppenheim, Arthur Parton, Man Ray, Ed Ruscha, Hiraki Sawa, Erick Swenson, J.M.W. Turner, Bill Viola, Lawrence Weiner, Garry Winogrand

The notion of air continues to shift in our minds with technological advances (e.g. wireless communication, internet) and environmental concerns (ozone layers, global warming ). While we are interested in these matters of geopolitical significance, we are also keen to explore the aesthetic ramifications of representing/depicting that which we take for granted.

The works in the show will represent air in roughly three thematic groupings: the physical/perceptual notion of air, conceptual musings on air and air as a metaphor for life. In addition to inviting contemporary artists to be involved in the project, we are also exploring historical representations of atmospheric conditions as an interesting comment on the fact that the idea of "air" has changed quite dramatically over the last few centuries.

January 10 - February 15, 2003
Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat 10 am - 6 pm

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