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John and Yoko in Front of the Dakota, 1980

Allan Tannenbaum
John and Yoko and New York in the 70s

Steven Kasher Gallery is proud to present the exhibition "Allan Tannenbaum: John and Yoko and New York in the 70s". The exhibition accompanies the release of "John and Yoko: A New York Love Story" (Insight Editions, 2007), a 160 page book with 150 of Allan's photographs and a foreword by Yoko Ono. The exhibition will feature over 75 vintage and later prints, drawn both from Allan's new book and from his photographs made while working for the Soho Weekly News in the 70s.

In November of 1980, just before John Lennon's untimely murder, photographer Allan Tannenbaum had unique and total access to John and Yoko, who were emerging from five years of seclusion. As one of the few photographers with whom John and Yoko were close, Tannenbaum was privileged to be able to capture many intimate moments between the two. The resulting photographs, many of which have never before been available to the public, portray a couple deeply in love. They are playful, spiritual, and remarkably at home as they express their feelings for each other in front of Allan's camera.

"These pictures are great. You know what I like about your pictures? You really capture Yoko's beauty" - John Lennon

"Thank you, Allan, for capturing these moments." - Yoko Ono

While he was chief photographer and photo editor of the SoHo Weekly News, Allan Tannenbaum made a remarkable body of work that documents New York in the 70s, a crucial chapter in New York City's history. These black and white photographs capture the heady exuberance of the 1970s and early 1980s. SoHo culture and the art world were his primary subjects; the images also provide a broad chronicle of the city's politics and iptown society too. The the music scene and night life - from the Mudd Club and CBGB to Studio 54 - are a featured part of the mix.

The collision of continuing 1960s counterculture with the stagnant city economy was a catalytic force that resulted in an explosion of creativity. By photographing everything from street gangs to disco divas, from the homeless to Hollywood stars, Tannenbaum assembled a personal diary of his journey through a painful and incandescent era in New York.

Allan Tannnbaum's career in photography spans more than four decades. His first work as a professional photographer was in 1973 for the SoHo Weekly News, and he remained with that paper until it folded in 1982. He now works as an international photojournalist contributing to various noted publications including Time, Life, and Newsweek. He is the author of three books of his photography: including "New York in the 70s" (Feierabend, 2003), "New York" (Feierabend, 2004), and "John and Yoko: A New York Love Story" (Insight Editions, 2007).

Exhibition: October 4 - November 3, 2007
Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11 am - 6 pm

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