© Shahryar Nashat: Videostill
(Shahryar Nashat: Videostill)

Yann Amstutz • Katia Bassanini • Shahryar Nashat

Shahryar Nashat (1975) – whose work was awarded few days ago with the Federal Grant and the Prize of the Kiefer Hablitzel Foundation – presents the video installation ALL THE WAY BACK, THE RECONSTRUCTION.

The installation is composed of a silent wide screen video projection showing the image of a bed. It is a loop morphing from one point of view to another whilst the walls appear to remain stationary. Alongside this disquieting and almost still image, a TV monitor shows a man behind the closed doors of a bedroom. The artificial light and functionality of the furniture are reminiscent of a reconstructed room rather than a real bedroom.

A series of 6 middle-large sized photographs of Shahryar Nashat are also in the show.

The young photographer from Lausanne Yann Amstutz
(*1973) is showing, under the evocating title LATENCE, a large group of middle-sized color prints focusing mainly on the body and nude. Grew up educationally with artists like L.Chessex, D.McCullin, R.Gibson, R.A.Minkkinen and H.Newton, he certainly is a new discovery among the swiss art scene.

By using a traditional technical procedure, Yann Amstutz succeeds to create a contemporary image, both stylistic and narrative. Even though he seems to follow formal and aesthatic clichés, the artist developes his themes on the body from an extremely instinctive point of view and reducing to the minimal the time of execution of the work, creating consequently both pictorial and video representation.

Katia Bassanini (*1969) is presenting in one of the rooms of the CACTicino an installation based on her video work MUTTER COURAGE UND IHRE KINDER made in 2000. We can understand the meaning of Bassanini’s artwork by reading not only the image and its representation, but also the material she uses. Her videos and her installations are never – but just apparently - curated. Similarly the charming themes linked to sexuality or female identity turn out to be sensual and involving, scurrilous and with no possibility for the viewer of misunderstanding.

For the achievment of ther works Katia Bassanini makes use of different media; she produces sometimes disarming images and she approaches identity by means of sensuality just revealed.

Ausstellungsdauer: 8.7. - 2.9.2001
Oeffnungszeiten: Fr-So 14 - 18 Uhr

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