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Andrea Fraser
Works 1984-2003

Andrea Fraser opens her exhibition at seven o'clock with "Official Welcome" - a performance that involves exposing her body in an expressive act that forces the viewer to reflect on the hierarchical structure of the art world and the way criticism - positive as well as negative - may be offered and formulated. "Official Welcome" is about the capriciousness and sincerity of the art world, its cynicism and engagement, its denial and ambivalence. About the fine line between authenticity and show, between genuineness and imitation.

The solo exhibition at the Dunker Culture Centre marks American performance artist Andrea Fraser's first introduction in Sweden. On view are works from the last twenty years: photography, videos, and posters. The exhibition also includes a new work, "A Moment to Discarded Fantasies" (2003), one of three works by Andrea Fraser inspired by Brazilian society and culture.

What historical and cultural conflicts lie hidden behind the image of Rio de Janeiro's legendary carnival? Using a colorful collection of carnival costumes, salvaged at the close of the festivities, Fraser shows the carnival as a source of community and the inspiration for yearnings and dreams - as well as an elaborate ritual for symbolizing loss and the failure of those dreams.

There is an obvious link to her double video projection "Exhibition" (2002) in which thousands of dancers celebrating in the streets of Rio de Janeiro are contrasted with the picture of Andrea Fraser practicing the samba by herself in a darkened room. It is a visually suggestive piece in which Fraser finds herself both in and excluded from the magical and unifying carnival world - while the political system of the carnival is ever present/cloyingly close.

Exhibition: May 8 - August 8, 2004
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun 10am - 5pm, Thu 10am - 8 pm

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