© Tom McGrath

Tom McGrath: Untitled, 2004
Oil on Panel. 12" x 16"


Kristopher Benedict, Holly Coulis, Echo Eggebrecht, Ben Grasso, Van Hanos, Tom McGrath

Sixtyseven is pleased to present "Autumn", a group exhibition of six artists who are making work within the historical conventions of painting. The work presented in "Autumn" references nature or, more specifically, landscape painting.

Van Hanos' paintings incorporate images from nature and mythology. Hanos' work is always extremely intimate and honest, dealing with personal reflections and events in his life. Tom McGrath makes paintings of landscapes, as seen through the windshield of a car in the rain, with the viewer becoming the driver or the passenger. Ben Grasso's rich oil paintings often incorporate a sort of snapshot realism into which the artist usually adds some sort of punch line, often in the form of a glob of paint.

Echo Eggebrecht's paintings incorporate elements of still life, landscape painting and collage. Rather than choosing to paint from photographs or from direct observation, the artist paints from models. Both Echo Eggebrecht's and Holly Coulis' works tend to suggest an open-ended narrative, often times walking the line between unsettling and optimistic. Holly Coulis references history, storytelling and nature in her paintings. Often in her work, two or more figures (animal or human) inhabit a landscape, wherein a narrative is inferred. Kristopher Benedict's work is based on photographs found on the internet. His work explores notions of leisure through painterly depictions of parks.

Exhibition: November 20 - December 23, 2004
Gallery hours: Tue-Sat 11 am - 6 pm

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