© Louise Belcourt

Louise Belcourt: Hedge Painting #18, 2005
oil on canvas, 66 x 85 inches


Louise Belcourt
, Sue Havens, Stephen Hendee

Jeff Bailey Gallery is pleased to present "Blue", featuring paintings by Louise Belcourt and Sue Havens, and drawings by Stephen Hendee.

Every color comes from nature, and perhaps blue covers the vastest of spaces: sea and sky. It is everywhere, in countless shades: from bright and clear to dark and murky. As a synthetic color, it emanates from computer screens and serves as an artificial light source. As an adjective, it describes emotions that range from melancholy to anger.

Louise Beclourt's large painting evokes ice, water and air: a vast open space inhabited by animated modular forms that seem poised for take-off.

Sue Havens' paintings of bulbous silhouetted shapes suggest both natural elements and emotional states. In "Huddle", a figural form curls into itself, withdrawing from the world around it.

Stephen Hendee's drawings of translucent, exploding gem-like forms seem to burst and multiply, hurtling through space or mutating into larger structures.

Louise Belcourt's first solo exhibition at the gallery was in May 2004. Her paintings can be seen in upcoming group exhibitions at Greenburg Van Doren Gallery, New York and the Fleming Museum, Burlington, Vermont. Sue Havens' paintings were recently featured in Brooklyn Bridge at the Rochester Contemporary, Rochester, NY. Stephen Hendee's sculpture and installations have been featured in numerous gallery and museum exhibitions.

Exhibition: May 25 - June 25, 2005
Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 11 am - 6 pm

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