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Changha Hwang

Korean born Changha Hwang acquired his masters degree in art at Hunter College in NYC and this will be his first one man show.

Changha Hwang has approached abstract painting with courage and honesty. The courage of experimenting with something new, trying textures, shapes, colors and juxtapositions. The honesty of someone that wants to put in his work, his feelings, his personality and his vision of the world.

The results have been something in between the epic and the intimate at the same time.

Expressionistic surfaces are repeatedly negated by hard edge geometric grids, which are superimposed over and over on each other to create contrasts and tensions, together with an intricate labyrinth of spaces and lines.

A brutal metaphor of our age of multiple information where chaos becomes beauty and beauty becomes pain.

In two large diptychs Hwang wants to make this experience monumental like the discovery of an unknown metropolis on another planet.

In a series of smaller works the process of discard and accumulation illustrates the esthetic possibilities with compositions sometimes lyrical other times objective.

September 6 - October 12, 2002

Massimo Audiello Gallery
526 West 26th Street No. 519
New York, NY 10001
t. +1 212 675 9082
f. +1 212 675 8680
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