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curve in the road, 2003
Oil on MDF, 7 x 7 inches (18 x 18 cm)

Daniel Attoe
Some of the best things I know

"Some of the best things I know" includes a group of paintings by Daniel Attoe that focus on stories about bars, trees, birds, heavy metal, love, dirt roads, insults, yard ornaments, lakes, fights, liquor, religion, mythological creatures, strippers, idiots, tents, bugs, chemicals, malls, country music, farms, friends, lies, road trips, fish, skateboards, dirt, jerks, truck stops, my brothers, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and the sky.

Landscapes play a dominant role in Attoe's paintings although he infuses them with people engaged in various activities, some expected - camping, hunting, wondering, others less so - a man dragging a corpse through a dark field, a torn lover having his head cut off by a detached hand, a woman standing in the middle of a deserted plain in a one piece swimsuit. Both surreal and hyperreal, Attoe's paintings evoke classic painting styles from the renaissance, to Dutch old masters to the Barbizon school yet his works are always infused with a subtle statements. At the core of his work is a great sense of observation, a keen awareness of his surroundings and a great deal of commentary about the current state of affairs in his life and what is present in all of our lives.

For his first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Daniel Attoe (b. Bremerton, Washington, 1975) will present 5 new large paintings from his "Accretion" series and a group of about 20 small paintings on MDF panels. Dan Attoe is an MFA candidate at the University of Iowa. Most recently, Dan Attoe's work was seen in "Fictional Wonders/ Real Hallucinations: Works by Dan Attoe and Tammy Mercure", curated by Chris Cook, Sioux City Art Center, Iowa. Other recent exhibitions include John Connelly Presents (NYC), Hiromi Yoshii Gallery (Tokyo), Wendy Cooper Gallery (Madison). We will be featuring Attoe's work at LISTE 04 - the young art fair in Basel in June and at the FRIEZE Art Fair in London in October. In 2005, he will have his first European solo exhibition at 404 Arte Contemporanea in Naples, Italy.

Exhibition: May 15 - June 19, 2004
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 12 - 6 pm and by appointment

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