© Doa Aly

© Doa Aly

Doa Aly
Puppet Fashion Show

Doa Aly's first solo exhibition at the Townhouse Gallery juxtaposes the disparate worlds of fashion and puppetry. Far from being fringe art forms, Aly sees this marriage as a legitimate extension of her previous work with painting. A concern with the body and its ability to define and be defined by the environment persists throughout Puppet Fashion Show.

An androgynous doll, molded from silicone and polyester, shimmies down a makeshift runway. Incrementally, the puppet accumulates articles of clothing, which were conceived by Aly and fashion designer Bérengere Dastarac. The model ambles along, heavy-footed and awkward, seemingly dragged by the hanging strings. Her head, guided above by a small rod, remains perpetually side-cocked with a distinct sense of lifelessness.

Aly seeks to establish a dialectic between innocence and vulgarity, and a relationship between the old and new. Less ostensibly, she makes comments about fashion (commerce) as accumulation and the attenuated power of craftsmanship in a society consumed by technology.

October 13 - November 5, 2003
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