© Guy Allott

Cannon Spaceship, 2007
Oil on canvas, 40 1/2 x 53 inches

Guy Allott
Unfortunately the World is Perfect

Chung King Project is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of London based artist Guy Allot in the United States. The exhibition will showcase new paintings and sculptures by the artist, which continues his exploration of the relationship between primitive versus innovative ideas - and all of its implications in regards to the past, present and future.

Guy Allott's work introspects the grand narrative of our Western civilization, from pre-historical time to our present society, and humanity's constant fascination with discovery, conquest and exploration of the unknown and its ultimate ecological impact on the planet. From this interest, Guy Allott draws a parallel between our past, and a present that is torn between the past and the future.

Using the language of traditional landscape paintings with references to Poussin or Friedrich' paintings, Guy Allott depicts a collection of anthropomorphic exploration structures that physically owe as much to 19th century illustrations of Jules Vernes' innovative prototypes as they do to 20th century science fiction imagery. In addition, Allott looks at the pre-civilization aspect of our world picturing recently extinct species or animals in a habitat that has now become inhospitable. Looking at connecting these references, Guy Allott creates paintings that are both mysterious and familiar and which depicts humanity's desire to believe in something beyond the everyday.

For the exhibition, Allott will also show his low-tech sculptural constructions made out of wood and painted cardboard, which echo his painted narrative of the conflict between historic and futuristic.

Guy Allott was recently a finalist for John Moores 24, at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. Recent exhibition include a group exhibition at Marvelli Gallery in New York, and solo "The Space Race", fa projects, London; "Journeys End in Meeting", AMT Gallery, Como, Italy.

Exhibition: 23 June - 8 August 2007
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 12 - 6 pm

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