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Haluk Akakçe
Missing Piece

Akakçe's projected films create shifting senses of reality in which the viewer is visually enticed into a series of sequences that hover between abstraction and an illusionary narrative space. As our model of existence becomes less linear and increasingly multilayered, Akakçe's films construct aesthetic worlds that highlight the fluid border between the artificial and the real.

In "Blind Date" the viewer is faced with a façade in motion. The act of panning suggests that we are seeing a fragment of a picture that is much larger. Every scene implies a reality beyond the moment, forcing a continual process of readjustment. What we imagine to be a three dimensional space is never revealed beyond the undulating surface. In "Landscape With Lake", like a painting, the entire image appears to be contained within the picture frame, yet the relationships between the forms continue to transform. Both videos deal with the notion of perception and memory, there is no feeling, no idea that is not undergoing change at every moment.

The use of seamless editing in Akakçe's films creates an uninterrupted transition between the different scenes, which ultimately fold back on themselves in endless loops. The architecture of these environments reflect both a desire for infinite possibilities and the insecurity of navigating the sea of shifting information that we inhabit.

Haluk Akakçe was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1970. He now lives and works in London. Selected exhibitions include: "Beck's Futures", ICA, London (2004), "Perfect Coincidence", The Drawing Room, London (2003), Museum fur Gegenwartskunst, Basel (2003), "Art Now-Light Box", Tate Britain, (2003), Whitney Museum of American Art at Phillip Morris, New York (2002), MAXXI - Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo, Rome (2002), PS1, Contemporary Art Center, New York (2001).

Exhibition: 27 May - 27 June 2004
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