John Armleder

John M Armleder

Aluminium boards and mirrors mosaic as surfaces that reflect fragments of a distorted and blurred reality. An eighteen squares panel made of square mirror facets reminds us of those emblematic disco-globes, while multicoloured stardust is facing brain shaped golden motifs on large metal sheets, confronting again the uniqueness that characterizes painting with the repeated pattern.

John M Armleder was born in 1948, Geneva. In 1969, he founds Ecart with Patrick Lucchini and Claude Rychner. His work, including the Wall Papers, surfaces entirely covered with the same sign, or the Furniture Sculptures, installations based on the combination of furniture, objects and pictural elements, has been extensively shown in numerous private exhibitions and international events.

The exhibition at Sollertis features a new media in John M Armleder work, i.e. patterns painted directly on unwrought aluminium.

Ausstellungsdauer: 1.7. - 31.8.2002
Oeffnungszeiten: Di-Sa 14 - 19 Uhr

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