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Every Day Heroes, 2006
Acrylic glass, Adhesive Foil, 8 pieces, 30 x 30 x 30 cm

Norbert Brunner
Everyday Heroes

For years now, public space has been an adventure for me. Watching people interact in their respective cultural backgrounds and societal structures always manages to fascinate me. As a kind of voyeur I love to question learned, adopted and artificially made ideas, structures and terms and at the same time make them relative. Because, in the end, what are all our important experiences, judgements, revelations, pieces of knowledge and information really worth?

I have developed my own visual vocabulary which allows the respective beholder of my works to question and make relative every image, pictogram or text in them; things he or she had already thought to have recognised. This is done by building the objects in question in such a way that they can only be recognised from a certain, pre-determined viewpoint and otherwise dissolve visually in a myriad of single dots.

For the exhibition "Everyday Heroes" at F2 Gallery in Beijing, China, I have created a series of eight portraits which show the importance of everyday heroes. With this series I want to make the notion "hero" in itself relative. I feel that everybody is a hero; it all just depends on the point of view.

Aside from the portraits I have created two prototypes of a future series of acrylic glass objects which are slightly larger than life-size. With these I want to allude to the Western tradition of sculpture such as Michelangelo's David - which had its 500th anniversary last year - as well as to the idea of focussing on the ideal image of man. By creating my "new heroes" using my visual vocabulary together with a contemporary work material language, I aim to question and make relative the notion of sculpture in a Western context altogether.

I would like to emphasize this idea by also showing one of my TIMEPILL objects, visual platforms which have been on tour internationally since 2002. (Norbert Brunner)

Exhibition November 4 - December 3, 2006

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