© Noriko Ambe
"book of anatomy", 2001
ready-made book

Noriko Ambe
Linear-Actions Cutting Project '02:
Lands of Emptiness

Pierogi presents the first New York, one-person exhibition of Noriko Ambe. Since 1999 Ambe has been mapping the mysterious land between physical and emotional geography. She describes her work as having two primary elements; the material and the line. She layers white tracing paper or begins with ready-made materials - books, atlases, and encyclopedias - and cuts into the layers individually, by hand to create dramatic sculptural strata. These dynamic shapes become entities in themselves; "another geography."

According to Ambe:
When I am drawing/cutting lines, I am interested in observing the power of the changing, growing shape. I want to get to something sublime. The entrance is the detail. The detail is the key point of nature. And we are part of nature. Using the five senses, observing the detail of nature, the process of creation is of equal importance to the finished work.

Noriko Ambe was born in Saitama, Japan. She received her BFA from Musashino Art University, Tokyo and has received a fellowship from the Pola Art Foundation Japan to live in Italy and New York for one year. She currently lives and works in Japan.

Exhibition: 3.1. - 3.2.2003
Gallery hours: Fr - Mo 12 am - 6 pm and by appointment

177 North 9th Street
USA-Brooklyn, NY 11211
Telephone 00718 599 2144