© Reed Anderson

The Kids Are Alright, 2006
Graphite on Cut Paper, 80 x 62.5 inches (framed)

Reed Anderson
Animal Pile

Reed Anderson deconstructs, reconstructs, paints, collages and silk screens his works on paper: they can hardly be considered drawings. His highly active process is at once intuitive and deliberate. Images, such as elaborate flora and fauna, are cut into the paper. The paper is then folded and painted, thus stenciling mirror images which create a complex weaving of positive and negative. When hung on the wall shadows are created by the negative space giving the works a delicate physical depth.

The surfaces and compositions are compounded by collaging silk screened images of crystals, sometimes in clusters. These give a rhythm to the work; doors to enter and a metaphysical resting place between the echoing of pattern. Anderson's imagery has an almost folkloric vision with magical implications. Within all of this layering and mirroring of images, incidental marks, drips, cutting and collaging one does not get lost - on the contrary, with Anderson's deft ability, one can only get caught up in the hypnotic dance that he so eloquently constructs.

Exhibition: 19 May - 19 June, 2006
Gallery hours: Fri-Mon 12 am - 6 pm and by appointment

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