© Richard Aldrich

Untitled, 2003
Oil and wax on panel, 10 x 12 inches

Richard Aldrich

These paintings reflect an interest in contextual and relational meaning. In other words how each painting is affected by presenting it alongside other paintings that may or may not share various formal or conceptual characteristics. In that they are explorations of themes, unconstricted by any style or consistency. In lieu of style is an underlying sensibility that permeates all the works making them disparate yet not dis-associated. These tangential investigations take advantage of and employ the freedom of experimentation, curiosity and interest.

How meaning is created becomes through contradiction and re-alignment. Each painting exists within itself as its own entity, then changes when viewed in the light of another, and changes furthermore in the light of yet another. Groups can be set to create a specific context; then this context will be stymied with the inclusion of another painting. In this the paintings take on a slightly nomadic creation/existence, which at once emphasizes the touch and process, in that each is dealt with in a unique and specific way, yet also negates their painterlyness with their lack of dedication to the "painterly concern".

This sort of associated meaning is compounded further when placed alongside drawings, sculptures, conceptual writing projects, clothing lines, record labels and other various projects. In this way in the above paragraph "painting" can be seen as a generic stand-in for all these types of output. In the end a sort of overall picture is created in which all aspects of work inform, distract and expand each other, forcing/creating a sort of retrospective way of viewing and interpreting the work.

Exhibition: June 10 - July 10, 2004
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