© Ruth Asawa

Untitled S.234, circa late 1960's
bronze wire, partial verdigris, 54 x 54 x 12 inches

Ruth Asawa

During the month of December, the Rena Bransten Gallery will exhibit sculptures and works on paper by San Francisco artist Ruth Asawa.

For the past forty years, Ruth Asawa has pushed paper, wire, clay, concrete, fiber, steel, and bronze into forms that not only taught her about the different medium, but also honed her skills in the art-making process. When ordinary paint and paper failed to exactly express her vision, she brough in "material" reinforcements, changed core elements, or moved the work into a different dimension all together. This willingness to utilize unusual media and experiment with process led Asawa to surprising places. In one example what started on a sheet of paper as a two dimensional drawing of organic plant patterns became a three-dimensional wall sculpture of tied and crocheted wire. Transformation - changing inert materials into dynamic physical forms - became a signature of Asawa's unique vision.

Exhibition: December 1, 2005 - January 14, 2006
Gallery hours: Tues-Fri 10:30am - 5:30pm,
Sat 11am - 5pm

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