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Sigrid Holmwood
PastTimes and REcreation

In "PastTimes and REcreation", Sigrid Holmwood's paintings are shown in a reconstructed 16th Century environment. The corner of the gallery houses a hovel built from timber coppiced in a traditional way from the Wilderness Wood in East Sussex and thatched with long straw from The Weald and Downland Museum in West Sussex. Around the gallery are strewn traditional agricultural and carpentry tools such as a sickle, scythe and vice as well as equipment that a Tudor artist may have used to paint and prepare pigments with.

This meticulous attention to detail is typical of Holmwood's approach to the subject of her paintings, which in "PastTimes and REcreation" is the landscape. The paintings themselves have a luminous quality, utilising natural pigments such as Buckthorn that she has ground and prepared herself.

In this reconstructed environment the clues to the pedigree of her painting practice are all around. The paintings themselves however remain defiantly contemporary, their natural pigments juxtaposed with splashes of fluorescent egg tempera taking the paintings away from a nostalgic re-enactment of the past and into a fantasy future, a vision of an alternative reality where the traditions of the past are harnessed to give us a more sustainable tomorrow.

As part of our "Ask the Expert" Series there will be a talk by Sigrid and Ruth Goodman of the Tudor Group at 3pm on Suday 12th November. There will also be a demonstration of 16th Century paint-making techniques by Sigrid and Tudor expert Mark Goodman on the same day between 1 & 5pm. Both events at Transition are free, no booking necessary.

Sigrid is also featured in the new "Garageland Magazine", which is themed around nature.

Exhibition: 28 October - 19 November 2006
Gallery hours: Fri-Sun 12 - 6 pm

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