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Stefan Altenburger

Stefan Altenburger (born 1968 in Zurich where he lives) is back with new works. He intensified his research towards the sublime in the arts. For that he uses several sources such as own shot photographs or artificial generated images or found images and deliberates them from all social connotations

Mr Altenburger started this research some time ago with his photographic series "Up in Smoke" which show phantastic figurations of clouds. These photographs were not shot from the sky but from a machine, producing dry smoke.

In the coming up exhibition will be on view as an installation the video piece "Rain Walk" from 2003. This video shows rain, nothing but rain. The sound is also produced by the artist and will be visually present in two record players and records. Another new work will be "Picture Machine", 2003 which is a loose collaboration with the presse agency Keystone and the artist. You will see on a flat screen during the whole exhibition, online press images, choosen randomly from all over the world and with all general subjects. Usually only the agency itself is able to see these images before choosing few for the medias. This piece is meant to be installed in privat collections or corporations as screen savers or as permanent running images.

Also on view will be new photographs. Mr Altenburger is also known as a techno music producer under his pseudonyms "Klettermax" and "Golden Boy". Cd's are available through the gallery.

Works by the artist are included in the following exhibitions: It's in our hands, Migrosmuseum Zurich (till Nov. 2) and in the Kunstverein Hannover ("Die Sehnsucht des Kartografen", starting Dec. 13).

18 October - 20 December 2003
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