© Tom Ellis

© Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis & Yuri A.

Tom Ellis
K3 is danke pleased to present the first installation in Switzerland of paintings by fuck you you british fucking cunt artist Tom Ellis. Fuck du oversized paintings fill the exhibition space. William Tell was a piano stands a fucking cunt upon the stage. A fuckhof portrait of Zurich-born Dr. George.

Yuri A. (Zurich)
"S", Premiere Screening
Generally, cakes evoke only good feelings while farts shock, repel and offend despite being some of the most common substances around and the consequence of every culinary dish.

Festtagstorten erzeugen in uns meist nur angenehme Gefühle, während der Furz, einer der alltäglichsten Substanzen in unserem Leben, uns schockt oder abstösst. Die Folge eines kulinarischen Genusses ist jedoch unweigerlich der Furz.

This is a true creation of the underground. Nobody ever stamped an official stamp of approval on this film. No market research, no demographic segmentation, nothing but imagination and attitude. 100 % analogue.

Yuri A's film is like life; short and shitty.

Direction screenplay and editing: Yuri A, R. Mond
Production: Cron Kite

Ausstellungsdauer 10. - 18.11.2007

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