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Film still: Bottoms, 1966

Erotic Conceptualism: The Films of Yoko Ono

The films of Yoko Ono occupy a unique position in the history of experimental film. Deeply rooted in the radical intermedia practices of the early 1960s American avant-garde, they emerged from the world of art rather than film at a moment when the definitions of both were being strongly called into question. Ono's films are an anomaly. Within the context of art, their firm grounding in the philosophical and aesthetic tenets of Fluxus sets them apart from film produced at the end of the sixties and beginning of the seventies.

Bottoms, 1966
Smile, 1968
Rape, 1969
Fly, 1970
Erection, 1971

© Yoko Ono

Film still: Fly 1970

Cough (Soundinstallation by Yoko Ono)
February 11th - 15th

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