© Paul Schiek

Paul Schiek: Untitled, 2004
digital chromogenic print, 20 x 24 inches

Apollonia Morrill, Paul Schiek, Rachel Weeks
Three New Photographers

Apollonia Morrill
creates color site studies of places of transition and historic sites in flux. Morrill uses photography to explore the tension between representation and abstraction, creating intimate portraits of place that the artist likens to visual geography. On view will be works from her series of San Francisco's Castro Theatre that was recently exhibited in "Bay Area Now 4" at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts. These beautifully resonant images focus on interior details of the building such as its plush velvet seats and elaborate light fixtures. Also presented will be a new series of Kalaupapa, a Hansen's disease (leprosy) settlement on the island Molokai in Hawai, where Morrill looks at the location's singular history through its domestic, government, and religious spaces. Morrill was born and raised in San Francisco, received her BA from UC Santa Cruz, and MA from Brown University. She lives and works in Berkeley, CA.

Paul Schiek makes enigmatic photographs of the people and things he encounters on his constant travels throughout the US. Working mostly during the nighttime hours, Schiek's seemingly casual style spotlights and transforms an ordinary or even mundane subject, revealing something unexpected, surreal, or spectacular. Schiek roots his photographic practice in a search for connectedness through the exploration of the epic questions of god, death and love, revealing in his images a preoccupation with the struggle of opposites. Schiek recently graduated with a BA from CCA, where he studied closely with Jim Goldberg and Larry Sultan. Originally from Wisconsin, an association that deeply informs his work, Schiek currently lives in Oakland, CA.

Rachel Weeks' series "Autoerotica" presents sexually charged self-portraits of the artist in the poses and photographic style of Victorian erotica. Weeks portrays herself as an object of sexual desire to explore the conflict of her longing to be seen with her own shyness. By the artist claming this privileged position, an empowering action done for the purpose of the artist's personal gratification and pleasure, the inclination to see women as victims and the object of the male gaze is challenged. The artist employs the 19th century wet collodion process to create small prints that mimic the photographic conventions of the time. Weeks recently graduated with an MFA from CCA and studied closely with Larry Sultan. She was born in Salt Lake City, UT, raised in Southern California, and lives in Berkeley, CA.

Exhibition: January 4 - February 11, 2006
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