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Andro Wekua

Andro Wekua (born 1977 in Sochumi, Georgia, lives in Zurich) will exhibit in our second space kilchmann plus.

In Wekua's images we find a mix of now and before, closeness and distance, and the encounter of brutality and pop. The references to his native country Georgia and the violence experienced there are explicit. The artist was forced to leave his country during the civil war following the breakup of the USSR which transformed the land from a Soviet holiday paradise into a field of political contention, and came to Switzerland to study art.

Now, some years later, he tries to uncover an archeology of emotions and memories, but also of idealistic projections of his origins. He employs a mix of different techniques (so as painting, drawing, collage, sculpture, installation) to build up a world of images that through its richness of visual detail and surprising aesthetics cannot leave the spectator indifferent. The fear of and desire for a place that everybody tries to reach and where everybody would like to be. These pictures evoke emotions, rare goods in the present world of visual arts.

18 October - 20 December 2003
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