© Caro Niederer
© Caro Niederer: "Interieur - Villa Wesendonck", 2002
C-print, 155 x 215 cm (framed)

Andy Goldsworthy / Caro Niederer
"Interior / Exterior"

This exhibition features photography by British artist Andy Goldsworthy and Swiss Caro Niederer, two artists with an internationally renowned oeuvre. The works in this exposition seem to form a contrast. In the case of Goldsworthy, they show fragile creations in a natural environment, made out of materials he found on the spot. Niederer photographed her own paintings, pictures or screen prints in the interiors of collectors. Apart from the fact that they feature their own work on the prints, there are also other interesting similarities. Actually, both Niederer and Goldsworthy perform a kind of artistic investigation. Niederer examines the processes inherent to the art market; Goldsworthy on the other hand tries to fathom certain aspects of the location he works with. Both artists are not primarily, or not exclusively photographers, but they use the medium as a form of documentation of the interaction between space (s), time and their art.

"What I am trying to understand is the relationship between man and the land and it's not achieved so quickly." That is how Andy Goldsworthy (Cheshire, *1956) tries to explain the driving force behind his art, a body of work consisting of objects crafted from chiefly natural materials, in an attempt to harmonise with nature, the location at hand and the moment (of creation). Some works are permanent, sometimes even monumental 'sculptures'. More often than not agricultural traditions or historical references are integrated. Other pieces consist of photographs showing ephemeral works. They are a witness of the persistent search for understanding the way man interacts with nature, and vice versa.

Caro Niederer (Zurich, *1963) is fascinated by the way her works are placed in different contexts, be it on a postcard, as objects in a gallery, as prints in catalogue (possibly without a covering essay), or in the collection of an art buyer. Especially the sometimes vague division between the private and what is defined as "public" is repeatedly the subject. Niederer considers these themes using a wild variety of technique and media: painting, installations, tapestry, postcards and photography. Since 1994 she takes pictures of her own work - often referring to memories of rather trivial aspects in her private life - placed in the collections where they ended up. For instance: the home of collectors, or companies and offices. This way, they are brought back into the public art domain.

Curator: Tom Nys

A bilingual catalogue (Dutch-English) is available for the price of 10 Euro.

Ausstellungsdauer: 8.11. - 8.12.2002
Öffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 11 - 17 Uhr, Sa/So 11 -18 Uhr

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