© Annie Leibovitz 2002

Ryan Adams, Hollywood Hills Best Western Hotel,
Los Angeles, 2003
© Annie Leibovitz 2002

Annie Leibovitz
American Music

Annie Leibovitz began her career at "Rolling Stone" in 1970, continuing as the magazine's principal photographer until 1983. Since then she has created images that shape, challenge and redefine our perspective of popular culture. Her photographs have appeared on the cover of publications such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, as well as on album covers for artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Patti Smith and Tom Waits.

In 1975 Leibovitz was given the opportunity to join the Rolling Stones on tour. Through spending time with these artists, and witnessing the way in which they led their lives, she gained a first hand understanding of the process by which music is produced. With music being central to her work, Leibovitz captured the feel of the moment, fusing portrait photography with the politics and popular culture of the time.

"American Music" was born out of a desire for Leibovitz to return to her subject with a mature eye. Four years in the making, the project was inspired by the roots of American popular music. Starting out by photographing the great blues man R.L. Burnside in the Mississippi Delta, Leibovitz then criss-crossed the United States. From the Deep South to Los Angeles, from rural Texas to the outskirts of Detroit, these photographs express the rich diversity of American life, and the musical personalities who are inspired by it.

By leaving the city and photographing many of her subjects in their homes, cars and churches, Annie Leibovitz has made portraits that are revealing and intimate, each having been taken in a place of personal and historical significance.

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