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"D.I.E.", Video Installation, DVD, 2000

Annika Larsson
"POLIISI" - Video Installation

In her installations, Annika Larsson imagines slightly modified universes, with autonomous rules. In the middle of a thoroughly controlled setting, smooth and sterilized, impassive protagonists, perfectly dressed, seem to be absorbed by minimal, ritualized and extremely enigmatic actions. The feeling of singularity which emerges from the icy settings is reinforced by the utilization of images of sharp-edged precision and a perfect control of visual techniques such as slow motions and repetition. The sound, used as an autonomous element, exacerbates the tension preexisting in the video.

POLIISI, which will be shown at the Centre pour l’image contemporaine, was made at the end of 2001, filmed at night, in the monumental environment of the Senate Square in Helsinki. A large sized retro-projection will reveal the film, in a darkened room, with blackened walls. Thus, chromatic contrasts of the video images are reinforced, and the spectator is able to submerge himself totally into the artist’s created world.

Four men are staged: three policemen in anti-riot uniforms, with helmet, bludgeon and gloves, and a fourth character dressed in a jockey costume, wearing a yellow windbreaker, knuckles, riding boots and trousers.

The visual repertory, the framings, the choice of points of view, the costumes and the setting remind us of an imagery close to comics or video games. This effect is reinforced by the fact that, like it is often the case in Annika Larsson's work, the dialogues are non-existent. The soundtrack on the other hand, produced by Tobias Bernstrup, becomes a major element in the construction of the piece, vital to its impact.

Even though Annika Larsson's video stages only men and deals with primarily male themes and its symbolic language, playing with concepts such as power, submission or violence, her work must not be simply understood as a mere criticism of these preestablished codes.

Rather than developing an analytical discourse, she tries to submerge us into a peculiar atmosphere, in order to confront us with our own ambivalence towards the power of seduction and indisputable eroticism which emerges from her images.

Regarding her video Dog, Annika Larsson says the following in the magazine Zoo: "The video Dog is a work that follows closely my earlier works in which reduction, power and control play important roles. (...) The work also deals with seduction and my ambivalence toward image."

Annika Larsson presented POLIISI and Dog at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York and at the Institute for Contemporary Art in London at the beginning of 2002. POLIISI has recently been commissionned by NIFCA, Finland. Last year she won the prize of the Bâloise 2001 and took part in the 49th Venice Biennial.

Ausstellungsdauer: 17.4. - 16.6.2002
Oeffnungszeiten: Di-So 12 - 18 Uhr
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