Artur Zmijweski - Galerie Peter Kilchmann - Zürich
"an eye for an eye", C-print, 100 x 100 cm

Artur Zmijewski

The first exhibition in Switzerland of Artur Zmijewski (born 1966, lives in Warsaw) will feature a new film and photographs.

Photographs and films made by this artist deal with experimental, well planned extreme situations. The body - often disabled or oppressed - serves as a metaphor of the internal condition. Art is a separate testing ground, on which the artist can plan and analyse conflict, phobias and evil, which lurk on the margins of the mainstream society.

The new film by Zmijewski shows people with cancer in its final phase. This is the period when the pain reaches its maximum intensity. The pain is usually treated with analgesic drugs. Nevertheless pain becomes more intense, when the last dose of the drug slowly ceases to be effective and the next dose has not been given yet. Strong pain-killers act somewhat as narcotics and deform the patients' perception. They also change their awareness of their own situation, enabel them to escape the full confrontation with the truth of their circumstances.

Zmijewski has been participating in several exhibitions. Currently his film "Singing Lesson" is on view at Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt.

Ausstellungsdauer: 1.6. - 20.7.2002
Oeffnungszeiten: Di-Fr 12 -18 Uhr, Sa 12 -16 Uhr

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