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Lützensömmern #6 13/7/2006 14:49

Bert Teunissen
Domestic Landscapes

This fascinating exhibition documents domestic rural interiors from across Europe. Bathed in natural light these rooms evoke the stillness and serenity of a Vermeer interior, but they are testament to a disappearing way of life. They document rural traditions that are slowly being eroded by modernisation.

This is Bert Teunissen's first major UK exhibition and the work is selected from an ongoing ten year project. His obsession with rural dwellings stems from memories of his lost childhood home, that was replaced with a characterless modern house. The unchanged homes he photographs often predate WWII, and the widespread availability of electricity. Built around natural sources of light the rooms photographed have a strangely timeless quality. They recall both traditional Dutch painting and, with their dated décor, memories of childhood and the recent past.

Teunissen has taken photographs across eight countries including The Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Germany. In the selection of work for the show these geographical boundaries have been broken down to reveal the similarities, as well as differences, between the countries, highlighting the commonality of their shared experience.

Exhibition: 8 December 2006 - 28 January 2007
Gallery hours: Mon-Sat 11 am - 6 pm, Thur 11 am - 6 pm,
Sun noon - 6 pm

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