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Candida Höfer

The artist Candida Höfer (born 1944), who lives in Cologne, is one of the most important representatives of new German photography. She has been photographing representative public spaces such as staircases and halls, foyers, reading rooms in libraries or the exhibition rooms of a wide variety of museums – to mention just a few of her subjects – for over two decades.

Candida Höfer describes her work with interiors as follows: "I take photographs in public and semi-public spaces dating from different periods. They are rooms that are accessible to all. They are places where people meet, places of communication, knowledge, relaxation, recreation. All these rooms perform a function, and most of the things in them also perform a function." (in: Höfer – Photographie)

The artist always selects a special view of an interior and shows the space simply, without interpretation. Her photographs are usually based on a structured composition; to a certain extent Diener & Diener’s columns serve to frame the photograph, while the overhanging balconies in the semi-circular theatre in Calais show the view from the stage into the auditorium. Candida Höfer makes no changes to the interiors she photographs, nor does she arrange certain subjects, but photographs the interior just as she finds it. She does not alter the lighting, and captures what she sees in a simple, unpretentious way.

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