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Etheric Study No. 3, 2005
Oil on wood panel 47.5 x 36 inches, image detail

Darren Waterston
Turning Back In

Hushed, tempered, and quietly refined are words best used to describe the paintings of Darren Waterston. With his fifth solo exhibition at Haines Gallery, Waterston introduces a new series of large-scale oils on wood that are celestial in nature, depicting the underpinnings of both physical and metaphysical phenomena. Produced using a balmy and subtle palette, atmospheric and tranquil in tone, the smooth, glassy surfaces of Waterston's canvases reflect his study of nature and astronomy as well as Chaos Theory and Thought Forms.

Beginning with a chalk-based gesso that is applied in several coats, Waterston is lent a surface that can alternate between smooth and distressed. The imagery is fashioned from a myriad of materials including traditional oil pigments, encaustics, varnishes, tree saps and plant resins, as well as acidic materials that partially erode the glazing to expose previously painted surfaces.

Also included in the exhibition will be a floor to ceiling mural covering three of the gallery's walls. Waterston explains his ideas for the mural as being "conceptually tied in with the new paintings with a very pale, smoky, reductive palette, serpentine in shape, somewhat graphic and approached more like a watercolor than a panel painting, keeping much of the white wall exposed."

Waterston's work, exhibited extensively internationally, is included in several private and public collections including the Contemporary Museum of Honolulu, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, Oakland Museum of Art in Oakland, CA, Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach, CA, Seattle Art Museum, and the UCLA Hammer Museum. He will be in residency at Civitella Ranieri Center in Umbria, Italy this summer.

Exhibition: April 28 - June 4, 2005
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