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Angela Buenning: Dismantled Server Room, Sunnyvale, March 2002
Chromogenic print

Dislocation: New Bay Area Photography

Angela Buenning
, Maizie Gilbert, Katherine Westerhout, Beth Yarnelle Edwards

dis.lo.ca.tion: (noun): the act of dislocating: the state of being dislocated; dis.lo.cate (verb): 1:to put out of place; specifically :to displace (a bone) from normal connections with another bone 2: to force a change in the usual status, relationship, or order of.

James Nicholson Gallery will present a group show of photography by emerging Bay Area artists. Each of the artists in this exhibition participate, to varying degrees, in the act of dislocation. For some, this entails the examination of something already dislocated, or in the process of dislocation. For others, this means doing the dislocation, either through the dislocation of their subject, or the disruption of the photographic medium itself.

Exhibition: June 1 - 26, 2004
Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri 11am - 5:30pm, Sat 11am - 5pm

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