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Eve K. Tremblay
Transitional area

The exhibition "Transitional aera" presents large sizes color photographs of various and sometimes strange situations simultaneously evoking interior reality and the external life of the individuals. These settings are played in places such as a wapiti farm, a vivarium, a zoo, an ecology laboratory in a private school, or a cemetery bush. In these places where nature is cultivated and contained, the individuals seem "committed in this interminable human task which consists in maintaining at the same time separate and connected to one another the interior and external reality." (D.W. Winnicott).

The spectator, in front of these narrative fragments, is invited to fill the gaps in the narration and to engage in his own fantasmatic universe.

Mia Holz

I want to give special thanks to the Quebec delegation in Berlin for their support, the iaab & Christoph Merian Stiftung for lending "Day for night", the iaab and CALQ for the residency programm in 2003, Collège Notre-Dame their access to ecology laboratory, the Basel zoo for permission to photograph, the Domaine de l'Ardennais for the access to the Wapiti farm, my models: Cinthia, Anne-Laure Dubé, Kate Greenslade, Eden Bloome and Geneviève Rousseau, and the friends who have helped me: Mzia Chikhradze, Eduardo Ralickas and Michel de Broin.

Ausstellungsdauer: 28.9. - 15.10.2005
Öffnungszeiten: Mi-Fr 18.30 - 21 Uhr, Sa 14 - 18 Uhr

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