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Chris Bünter:
photocopy from the series "Seven Spots", 2002

Frenetic Interferences

A presentation of MEMORY/CAGE EDITIONS, Art Publishers, Zurich/Switzerland, curated by Daniel Kurjakovic and Adrian Notz in the "New Museum Store" and in the "Window on Broadway" of the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York.

MEMORY/CAGE EDITIONS Zurich is a young publisher house specializing in art and literature of today. It functions like a platform, that brings together a wide selection of contemporary artists and writers, curators and their public. It is both a site of production (books, audio CD's, brochures, etc.) and of reception (mediation of publications, performances, lectures and events).

The presentation in New York is suggestively entitled "Frenetic Interferences" and will be "rhizomatic" in its structure: The curators of the exhibition, Daniel Kurjakovic and Adrian Notz, will integrate the 26 publications according to a special mode, whereby the publications are not treated as rarefied artifacts, rather they will come forth within the "natural" medium of books, i.e. in the bookshop.

The Bulgarian artist Nedko Solakov and the Swiss Artist Chris Bünter were invited to develop a concept that would highlight such a "integrated" presentation. The two artists fashioned two independent series of new drawings which weave together the publications; it allows for a meandering trip through the New Museum Store, that unites publications, spaces in-between and voids. The drawings will be as staples of copies on both sides of the publications. The British artist Julian Opie is realizing a work for the "Window on Broadway", which will tackle the wider cultural function of publications. All three contributions will be on view throughout the exhibition duration.

For the opening event, the artists Norbert Möslang and Andy Guhl, also known as Voice Crack, will present a sound session. Performance artist Heinrich Lüber is developping a new piece for this occasion. The presentation of Memory/Cage Editions will feature a new publication - a newspaper -, a video compilation with works by artists, several audio stations for auditive work which has been published as well as a number of special editions.

Supported by Pro Helvetia, Zurich; Kaspar Keller, Zurich; Georges and Jenny Bloch Foundation, Zurich; Swiss Consulate, New York; Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Bern; Swiss Institute - Contemporary Art, New York.

Exhibition: 18 through 28 May 2002
Museum Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday: noon - 6 pm.
Thursday: noon - 8 pm.
Closed Monday

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