© Gillian Wearing

Self portrait as my father Brian Wearing, 2003
black and white print, 64 5/8 x 51 3/8 inches (framed)

Gillian Wearing

The new series entitled "Album" consists of self portraits as various members of Wearing's immediate family. This body of work began with "Self Portrait as my Mother Jean Gregory" and continues with images of her brother, sister, father, uncle, and herself as a teenager.

Based on snapshots of family members when they were younger and filled with the optimism of youth, the portraits seek to examine the psychological imprint that one's family impacts upon an individual. We are all a product of that imprint, and in this work Wearing explores a depiction of this influence. Using props, prosthetic devices, and specific locations, Wearing seeks to adopt the identity of each family member and her younger self, using her well-known device of the mask as a source of exploration and inspiration.

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