© Guenter A. Werner

Circle, 2007
Epoxy resin paint, clear buckets, 87 x 87 x 12 inches

Guenter A. Werner

Mike Weiss Gallery is pleased to announce "Ballet," an exhibition of new work by German artist Guenter A. Werner.

Werner's luminescent, epoxy filled works are painterly sites that trigger multiple formal and conceptual connotations. Though sculptural in appearance, the monochrome surfaces that he pours in glowing colors onto fabric and into bottles, buckets and tubes are more closely associated with painting.

Instead of using canvas as his primary paint support, Werner opts for more unconventional materials. His rectangular "Frames" consist of multiple layers of epoxy dispensed over translucent polyester fabric. Contrasting bands of opaque color gradually fade from either end into a white center, creating an overall effect of weightlessness and transparency. Through the "Frames" Werner reveals his longstanding preoccupation with the idea of an abstract painting as a three- dimensional object.

In "Tube", the artist considers the act of drawing by using a clear plastic tube as a conduit for his paint. The viscous fluid is funneled to form coiled lines of color that are then suspended in delicate loops. This graceful interaction between paint and surface is also evident in "Circle", a work in which buckets filled with radiant colors dangle precariously from the wall, slightly angled so that the paint could spill out at any moment. With an acute sense of balance and composition, Werner produces deft combinations of color and material that are at once literal, formal and poetic.

This is Guenter A. Werner's second exhibition at Mike Weiss Gallery. The artist has exhibited widely throughout Germany and Poland and is represented in Europe by Galerie Hafemann in Wiesbaden, Germany. Werner lives and works near Frankfurt, Germany.

Exhibition: October 11 - November 10, 2007
Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 10am - 6pm and by appointment

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