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Gesture # 97, 2004

Han Nguyen
New Work

The exhibit with Han Nguyen highlight the sensuous exploration of self and body, as captured by this world renowned San Diego-based artist. The exhibits features self-portraits of Nguyen taken with a pinhole camera, printed in an elegant circular soft focus format; and unique collages pieced together from color photographs, all referencing the body, that are humorous, sensuous and curious.

Born in Hue, Vietnam in 1956, Nguyen immigrated to the United States in 1975 and settled in San Diego, California where he currently lives and works. Largely self-taught, his creativity takes place primarily in a studio where he utilizes parts of his body, including his arms, legs and torso, to deliver large-scale, transcendent photographs filled with emotion. The artist's gaze, when turned upon himself, in its specificity becomes a universal gaze encompassing past, present and future.

Nguyen has always referenced his body; it being the one durable always present thing in his life; thus he is never without a starting point, inspiration, and a deep understanding of the thing he is acquainted with the best. This new exhibition is a continuation of earlier explorations of the body, another step down a path that is a sensuous investigation into being and existence, classless, without country unencumbered by language and culture.

His photographs are featured in the collections of the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego, California, Sheldon Memorial Gallery at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Key Corporation Art Collection and the Nash Edition Collection, as well as several private Collections.

Exhibition: November 11 – December 24, 2004
Gallery hours: Tue-Sat 11 am - 5 pm

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