© Herb Ritts

Tony with Body Mask, Joshua Tree 1985
Gelatin-Silver Print, 16 x 20 (toned)

Herb Ritts
A Personal Vision

This exhibition will focus on the personal work of photographer Herb Ritts. Well known for his glamorous and playful portraits as well as his highly successful commercial work in the fields of fashion and film, Ritts considered the work he created solely for himself the most personally satisfying.

Self-taught as a photographer, and falling into it almost by accident, he would wind up almost as well known as one of his subjects by the time of his premature death in 2002. His career reads as if it happened almost by chance, from taking a few snapshots of Richard Gere while getting a flat tire fixed that wind up in an Italian fashion magazine, to being cajoled into making the first of many videos at the insistence of a young Madonna.

Throughout his many assignments Herb Ritts utilized his own self-assured nature to persuade his subjects to reveal something vulnerable and unexpected about themselves, and the clean lines and graphically strong forms of the resulting pictures would become a trademark. Working with natural light, conveying an unmistakably West Coast optimism, his work was both fierce and sensual.

While Ritts worked extensively with the human body, this exhibit will focus exclusively on the male nude figure. Circus acrobats, bodybuilders, models and friends alike reveal in these images an emotional innocence at odds with our preconceived notions of male attitudes.

Exhibition: April 22 - June 10, 2005
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 10 am - 6 pm

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