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The Boys of Bel Ami Nude
20 x 24"

Howard Roffman
The Boys of Bel Ami

Wessel + O'Connor Fine Art is pleased to present a show of photographs by Howard Roffman from his most recent book "The Boys of Bel Ami." Shot on location in South Africa during the filming of the latest in a long line of hit pornographic movies from this well known company, the work captures a behind the scenes look at the interactions between the models. Roffman chronicles their antics as these hairless, smoothly muscled, impossibly beautiful, very young and good looking Eastern European boys eat, shower, and sleep together. The largest and most lavish of all his books to date, "The Boys of Bel Ami" is the twelth volume of his work from the German publisher Bruno Gmunder.

The Bel Ami company was founded in 1993 and is based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Meaning "beautiful friend" in French, it specializes in gay pornographic films that feature young men in their late teens and early to mid-twenties. Bel Ami's stars come mostly from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, as well as other former Soviet Bloc countries.

Howard Roffman is based in San Francisco. Previously, in 2001, he did a book of photographs of one of the most well known of the Bel Ami models, Johan Paulik.

This will be his second solo exhibition with the gallery.

Exhibition: November 9 - December 23, 2006
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 11 am - 6 pm

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