© Jesse Bransford

Jesse Bransford: preparatory study, 2004

Impact: New Mural Projects

P·P·O·W is pleased to present a summer survey exhibition of contemporary wall projects curated by Jason Murison:

Ricci Albenda, D-L Alvarez, Jesse Bransford, David Brody, Brett Cook-Dizney, Jim Esber, Elana Herzog, Eric Hongisto, Sarah Oppenheimer, Mark Dean Veca, and Clara Williams.

"Impact: New Mural Projects" brings together a series of artists who have recently expanded the notion of wall work. In the past few years, a wave of new wall projects have emerged that negotiate their way around and through the architecture of the gallery: pulling perspective out of corners, climbing columns, wrapping floating walls or simply puncturing straight through to the other side. In many of the cases, Sol Lewitt's ideal of the infinite grid has been cashed in for installation art's architectural encapsulation; the gallery space itself now helps dictate the form of the artworks.

Using a range of abstract and representational formal strategies, the works, like Jesse Bransford's iconographic murals, David Brody's infinite colored-pencil constructions, Brett Cook-Dizney's spray-paint portraits, Eric Hongisto's organic abstract paintings or Clara Williams' graphite installations, all contribute to the creation of a lively social space sprung from the deadened white gallery cube.

These artworks are designed according to the particularities of their exhibition space and are synonymous with the architecture of the gallery. However, "Impact" will demonstrate how wall works have also evolved beyond their identity as temporary fixtures that would ultimately have to be erased. These new wall works tend to be smaller and are often portable. They can be taken down and reinstalled in other places and at other times, thus vanquishing older ideals of temporality generally associated with art made "in situ".

"Impact" transforms the gallery into a portable architectural shell that can be installed just as any painting could be. Unlike a mural, portability and re-installation has given the wall work an opportunity of continued life away from its original site. By creating wall works that can be moved and seamlessly re-deployed, artists are exploring an adaptable kind of site specificity using an array of materials: Ricci Albenda's vinyl word works, D-L Alvarez's encrypted contact paper codes, James Esber's plasticine car crashes on canvas, Elana Herzog's duvets stapled to drywall, Sarah Oppenheimer's recyclable studs, and Mark Dean Veca's tyvek paintings.

Exhibition: July 1 - August 6, 2004
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