© Kalle Runeson

Kalle Runeson: World Wide Web Design for Fashion Spider, 2005
Oil on canvas, 70 x 60 cm

In the Ring

Tom Brauer
, Michel de Broin, Kadar Brock, Natalie Frank, Ethan Greenbaum, Eric Johnson, Matt Jones, David Kennedy-Cutler, Shay Kun, Sam Kusack, Brian Mahoney, Paul Paddock, Kalle Runeson, Jason Tomme, Eve K. Tremblay

Buia Gallery is pleased to present "In the Ring" featuring gallery artists in a dynamic preview of the upcoming season. Highlighting innovative new work, "In the Ring" reveals a range of artists addressing diverse social, political, and historical issues while retaining a timely energy and sense of humor.

Fusing high and low references to heighten accessibility, five artists highlight and critique underlying societal trends. Kalle Runeson's painting "World Wide Web Design for Fashion Spider" conflates Mondrian-esque Minimalism with a happy Paul McCarthy-informed "Raw Art" aesthetic to arrive at a quirky pocket-sized commentary. Similarly, Shay Kun's large-scale oil and acrylic painting, "Wipe Out", and Paul Paddock's broken narrative watercolor, "Blindfold and Bloodstains of Kenwood Drive", all address social infrequencies. Michel de Broin's sculpture "Stick to Resist" and Jason Tomme's "Bathroom B" give new critical life to everyday objects.

On a different line, Kadar Brock, Tom Brauer, and Sam Kusack consider the notion of the sublime - Kusack through a limestone based sculpture referencing time and public monuments, and the scientific, Brock in oil and spray paint on canvas with nods to minimalism and abstract expressionism, and Brauer in intricate architectural drawings making reference to feng shui and the Spirit House.

Entering into an examination of the psychological, Eve K. Tremblay's specifically staged photography implements a small group of characters and subtle literary and psychological references. Eric Johnson works to a similar end, but instead works with set up encounters with strangers. With a more specific focus on female sexuality, Natalie Frank's mixed media work on paper takes advantage of potent color and aggressive mental weight while David Kennedy Cutler's sculpture "Non-invitation for the Perception of Weakness" sardonically addresses issues of perversion and isolation.

Interested in remaining closely in touch with history, Brian Mahoney's "Table Tennis" and Ethan Greenbaum's "Logo" offer conceptual packages that address specific eras while Matt Jones continues his twisting and reshaping of pre-existing painting modalities.

Exhibition: June 16 - July 29, 2005
Gallery hours: Tues-Sat 10 am - 6 pm or by appointment

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