© Richard Prince

Richard Prince: from the 8 x 10 portfolio, 1999
each 8 x 10 inches, from an edition of 26, 10 color prints

It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know
secondary market selections from collections

Vik Muniz, Dana Schutz, Tom Friedman, Liam Gillick, Shintaro Miyake, Takashi Murakami, Bill Jensen, David Deutsch, Paul McCarthy, Andreas Gursky, Richard Prince, Sam Gilliam, Nancy Graves, Mike Kelley, Erick Swenson & the Neutral Capital Collection

"It's not what you know, it’s who you know" should be followed by "money talks, bullshit walks". This is not an "exhibition" per se, more of a "show", if you will, in the most commercial of senses. To mix what's suitable, tactful, fitting, apposite or correct with art is tantamount to provincial. That conversation is as old as the whole, "art is beauty" conceit.

The secondary market is the reselling of art works. It causes much complication and fissure in the artist / gallery / purchaser relationship. Many of these dealings are unstated and considered nefarious, but in truth it is the manner in which all involved make money and share distribution, some more immediate than others, as always. Decorum dictates, the works in the exhibition be first offered to the respective galleries and/or artists from whence they were gotten but some were not. In some cases a percentage of the sale will go to the artists, mostly not. (Go UK & CA!) The works were purchased at a fraction of what they obtain now and thus there is less (or more) made, occasionally.

All of these artists and works were chosen for myriad reasons that effect/affect their secondary market: inclusion in museum collections, an auction record, access and house-ability, but we grossly generalize. Vik Muniz's work is immediately recognizable and highly coveted. His works in the show are from his "Pictures of Diamond" series and his "Pictures of Chocolate" series. Tom Friedman just left his gallery of 15 years, Feature Inc. for Gagosian. The Dana Schutz painting, "Skull," was included in her floodgate exhibition at LFL now Zach Feuer Gallery, Frank from Observation. Her work and gallery's dazzling ascent has been targeted by rumors he would only sell to purchasers that would in turn donate the work to museums. Priority should be given to patrons that culturally contribute in the accessibility and visibility of the work. Bill Jensen left Mary Boone for Cheim & Read. Nancy Graves is dead, there is no more work made. "Art is a convenient term for a mid-space location where you don't need cultural permission to carry out certain corrective tasks in relation to society in general." - Liam Gillick. The Neutral Capital Collection was initiated by the artist Peter Simensky: "All acquisitions have been made possible through expenditure of the Neutral Capital currency. Neutral Capital was founded in 2005, as an alternative currency first produced and exhibited with the Swiss Institute of Contemporary Art at the Armory Show in New York. Like other well-known financial institutions such as UBS and Deutsch Bank - Neutral Capital hence has been using its surplus cash to invest in the vital prospect of contemporary art." Shintaro Miyake vs Takashi Murakami! Erick Swenson? Supposedly, David Deutsch is "difficult". Obvious players: Mike Kelley, Richard Prince, Sam Gilliam, Andreas Gursky, Paul McCarthy and maybe more...

Exhibition: September 8 - October 14, 2006
Gallery hours: Wed-Sat 11 am - 6 pm, and by appointment

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