© Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan

That is the way it is, it is, that is, 2004
Installation view Sutton Lane
wood, artex, gloss paint, mirrored styrene, flourescent lights, 76 3/4 x 100 1/4 x 100 1/4 inches

Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan
That is the way, it is, it is, that is

Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan have produced "That is the way, it is, it is, that is" as a new exhibition for Sutton Lane. The exhibition re-stages elements from differently themed projects within a constructed tableau that makes reference to multiple moments within Art History. As with many other of their exhibitions, the title of this project is a found text, in this instance adapted from a Robert Fripp lyric.

Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan are concerned with the mythic potential of Art. Their work draws on often disparate narratives and themes and can manifest itself through a wide range of forms or approaches. HK used the apparently found slogan "Heroin Kills" and re-presented it both as six metre high black letters and as an 18 carat gold necklace. The Slapstick Mystics with Sticks drew on the folk tradition of mumming plays and exists both as an occasional performance and - incorporating further plot twists - also as a novella. Both these works use words as found things that can misdirect or mislead a viewer. This has reached the limit conditions of its own rhetoric is a title that verges on the didactic, yet the work can be either an ambiguously textured black monolith or a drawing of two top hatted gentleman engaged in a fictional board game. The Glamour uses mirrors, barbed wire and fluorescent lights - along with its own title - to construct a device for spectacle that considers the mechanics and mannerisms of Art's appearance.

Joanne Tatham & Tom O'Sullivan are artists who live and work in Glasgow. Their most recent solo exhibitions are "Think Thingamajig and Other Things" at Kunsthaus Glarus, Switzerland and "This has reached the limit conditions of its own rhetoric" at The Modern Institute in Glasgow (both 2003). Recent group exhibitions include "Zenomap", Venice Biennale (2003); "Genesis Sculpture", Reims (2004); "Hit & Run", Platform, Istanbul (2004) and "Ain't no love in the heart of the city", Cardiff (2004).

Exhibition: 10 September - 8 October 2004
Gallery Hours: Tue-Fri 10 am - 6 pm, Sat 11 am - 4.30 pm

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