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James Whitlow Delano
Bejalai: A Journey

We all make our compulsory journeys through life. The photographs of James Whitlow Delano show a person in profound pursuit of life's exotic scenery and situations. Based in Japan, but exploring mysterious distant reaches throughout the globe, Delano has brought back a revealing glimpse into some of the world's most fascinating peoples and cultures.

The title of Mr. Delano's show, "Bejalai" comes from the indigenous former headhunting people on the island of Borneo. It describes a journey that is as much a search within as any outward expedition. This wanderlust enveloped Delano's soul when he moved to Tokyo eleven years ago, and made this a base camp for his wanderings throughout the orient. Carrying a wayworn Leica, an inquiring eye, and a genuine curiosity about the world, he has captured a truly unique view of the many forgotten and unexplored people sharing our enormous planet.

It is with great pleasure that the White Room Gallery presents this fascinating glimpse into some of the most remote and exotic corners of our world. Working in series of photographs, Mr. Delano's images give a breadth and depth to the lives of the people he encounters, and tells their stories in the same tradition of the great Life Magazine photojournalists in the middle of the last century. We invite you to partake in an opportunity to expand your own understanding of life's diversity, on your own personal "Bejalai".

Exhibition: April 16 – May 21, 2005
Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat 12pm - 6pm

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