© Janaina Tschäpe

Maia 1, 2004
Cibachrome, 40 x 50 inches

Janaina Tschäpe
The Sea and The Mountain

Brent Sikkema is pleased to present an exhibition of work by German-Brazilian artist Janaina Tschäpe, who divides her time between Brazil and New York and has shown widely in Europe, South America and Asia.

Working in a variety of media including drawing, photography, film and installation, her work walks the line between dreams and reality, employing the female body and the natural landscape as her muse. In her latest work, a prominent subject is the longing to preserve the fleeting moment when the work of art is being made, and the emotional inputs of the artist remain fresh. Tschäpe takes drawing as a point of departure, bringing the viewer into her imagination as she sat thinking of new realities in the studio. In this sense, Tschäpe gives form to the trance of art making, portraying not a dream world, but the sensation of being in one.

Tschäpe makes her New York debut at Brent Sikkema, with a new body of work entitled "The Sea and the Mountain". Completed in the Bocaina region of Brazil in 2004, the work focuses on the movement of time in the act of making art. Tschäpe's drawings emphasize the order of their execution, while her photographs peek at a polymorphous universe of embryonic forms and ambiguous characters. The two films in the exhibition take their cue from landscape photography, giving life and movement to moments usually frozen in time.

In a striking extension of her drawings, Tschäpe will also create a site-specific installation of amorphous plasticine forms on the gallery walls. The wet, soft and sometimes raw look of the work reveals Tschäpe's yearning for a project that never ends.

Video equipment courtesy of Marantz.

Exhibition: February 28 - March 27, 2004
Gallery hours: Tue-Sat 10am - 6pm

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