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Double Self Portrait

John Coplans
Photographs from 1985 - 1992

We are sad that John Coplans (24 June 1920 - 21 August 2003) passed away. But we are also grateful what art works this artist left us behind. Last we are very impressed by his biography.

We are pleased to announce our fourth exhibition with photographs by John Coplans in our gallery, after 1993, 1996 und 1999. On view will be rather small format, different sized photographs which were made by the artist self from his "Self Portraits" series. The formats are around 50 x 60 cm each. The following prints will be available: "Feet Crossed", "Back View, Upright", "Side Torso Bent With Large Upper Arm", "Legs And Hands, Thumbs Together", "Side View, Hand On Chest", "Hands Spread On Knees", all from 1985, "Double Self Portrait", "Three Quarter Back, Clasped Hand", "Three Quarter View Straight", all from 1986, "Hand with Buttocks", "Front Hand, No. 2", "Standing Hand", all from 1987 and from the year 1989 we have: "Heel, Dark Sole", "Toes on Foot", "Side Heel & Toe".

In the second gallery space will be hanging four works from the "Upside Down" series, which were made in 1992. Their measurements are each 220 x 114,5 cm.

John Rivers Coplans was born in London . He visited schools in England and South Africa. He left his family with 16. From 1938 until 1945 he was in the army and spent most of his time in Africa and in Asia. Back in London he visited art schools in London and in Paris and became a painter. He was invited to the first over vue exhibition on abstract art which was held in London in 1957.

In 1960 he left for San Francisco where he teached at the University of California. In 1962 he co-founded the "Artforum" art magazine and in 1971 he followed as the editor in chief. Also around this time and until 1980 he curated numerous shows at the Pasadena Art Museum. These were first big museum shows of artists like Roy Lichtenstein (1967), Andy Warhol (1970), Donald Judd (1971) and Weegee (1978). In 1980 he moved to New York and started to work on his third career as an art photographer. He pursued this career until his death. In Spring 2003 was published Coplans' probably most important art book, entitled "Body Parts - an Artist's book" (powerHouse Books).

Coplans exhibited since the mid Eighties widely around the world. His photographs are in over 50 museum collections.

Exhibition: 22 October - 23 December, 2004
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