© Ken Rosenthal

From the Series Ghosts, #MMTH-7, 2002
Split Toned Gelatin Silver Print, 16x20"

Ken Rosenthal
The Shadow Behind Your Eyes

The vision is mysterious, enigmatic, visceral. Looking at Ken Rosenthal's moody images, you visit a world where dreams, fantasy and imagination play in the forgotten regions of your memory, where reality and fantasy dance an uncertain pas de deux, a place where things are seen, and not seen. Rosenthal invites you to explore his world and relive the moments from your life that might not even have happened. Or did they?

"The geneses of this work, Rosenthal explains, comes from looking at old family albums. I realized that I had memories from childhood, which seemed very real, but are actually from pictures that were taken before I was born, or from events where I wasn't even present. I became fascinated with the idea that so many of our memories come from photos or dreams rather than from actual experiences in our lives. I've diffused some of these pictures, removed certain details, and taken the specificity from them. I think this gives the work a more timeless feel, and makes the work more universal. I want people to see themselves and remember their own memories when looking through these pictures".

White Room Gallery invites you to revisit lost moments from our collective past, through Ken Rosenthal's luscious, split-toned photographs. Three different bodies of work explore the borders between experience and invention. "Seen and Not Seen" is the merging of the autobiographical and the universal. "Not Dark Yet" explores Rosenthal's reaction to 9/11 with images he's made rather than appropriated. "Ghosts" continues his exploration of memory with a more introspective series of photographs, expanding upon his exploration of the collective cultural recollections we share.

Exhibition: January 10 - February 14, 2004
Gallery Hours: Tue-Sat 12pm - 6pm

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