© Lamarche & Ovize, 2008

© Lamarche & Ovize, 2008

Lamarche & Ovize
Abstracta / Concreta

200 g cement
2 litres resin
3 tubes of acryclic
etc... and a whole flourish of things taken from the street.

A casual four-handed recipe revisiting two years of tragicomic practices.

After the photocopied wax, the plywood etalon, battles against space and falling installations, Lamarche & Ovize return with a retrospective episode that will be held at the Galerie Laurent Godin from 12 January to 16 February, 2008.

A cabbage suspended between referent and referral, stuck between two modes of representation, will become spongy; a concrete-looking cavern, a colourless flying cat's skull, the faithful companion of the rocking-chair sandwich, will become obvious. Every step enforces the spacing and brings about the figurative transformation of the assembly.

Locks, slippers, balloons, portraits, etc., create a hedge-hopping dialectical relationship and invite you to look beyond their own presence. Lamarche & Ovize

"Worldly things, as our senses perceive them, have no real being; they always become, they never are, they have only relative being, they exist only in and through their reciprocal relationships." (Plato quoted by Schopenhauer, "The World as Will and Representation")

Lamarche & Ovize present their first solo show at the gallery Laurent Godin: Abstracta / Concreta
Born in 1978 and 1980, Florentine Lamarche and Alexandre Ovize have worked as a team since 2006 using the pseudonym Lamarche & Ovize. Recently they received the Atadis Arts Plastiques prize for 2006-7 and participated to the followings exhibitions: "Suite Française", Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, Austria (2007-2008); in "Wheeeel", Printemps de Septembre, Les Abatttoirs, Toulouse, France (catalogue - 2007); in "House Trip", Artforum Berlin, Germany (2007); in "Standing Ovation", MLIS, Villeurbane, France (2007); in "Double Take", Art space Gallery, Knua University, Korea (2007); Shaking Smooth Spaces, La générale, Paris (2006); Archipeinture, Camden Art Centre, London and Le Plateau, Paris (2006); Queegueg, le Point Ephémère, Paris (2006).

Publication available at the gallery: "Lamarche & Ovize: Abstracta / NB / Concreta", Texts: Valérie Da Costa, Jean de Loisy, Guillaume Mansart, 2008. 16,5 x 26 cm. Edition size: 700, onestar press / Galerie Laurent Godin.

Exhibition 12 January - 16 February 2008

Gallery hours Tues-Sat 11 am - 7 pm

Galerie Laurent Godin
5, rue du Grenier Saint Lazare
75003 Paris - France
Telephone +33 1 42 71 10 66
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