© Maggie Tobin

Maggie Tobin: Limbs, 2005
synthetic, translucent goat skin, paint, mirror, 30" x 36"


Christina Dixcy
, Anna Lise Jensen, Elise Kaufman, Sheila Kramer, Kamilla Talbot, Maggie Tobin

Bruno Marina Gallery's summer exhibition, "LandEscapes", will feature the work of six New York based female artists who have focused their creative energy upon the intersection of earth and sky as it exists in urban, rural, and even abstract realms.

Kamilla Talbot's oil paintings, with thick brush strokes, gesture in varying degrees of realism to both natural and industrial themes, using a palette of colors that range from hushed to vibrant. Talbot's work expresses itself in the traditional vernacular of landscape painting, while expanding upon the genre by using a current approach to subject and rendering. Anna Lise Jensen's timed exposures create painterly photographic compositions, causing the residential subject matter to float hazily in the blue tones of a day that could be ending or beginning.

In paintings on goatskin that are mounted onto glass, Maggie Tobin creates close-ups of branches and tree limbs that take on a photographic feel, as they recede from view in a dusk-toned haze of browns, grays and blues. Entangled in the limbs of Tobin's imagery, light plays upon the surface of the pieces while interacting with the reflective underlayment. Horizontal planes of color shift subtly into one another in Sheila Kramer's expansive oil paintings, which softly suggest the meeting of multiple atmospheres.

Christina Dixcy, dealing perhaps most realistically with her subject through color photographs, embraces an aspect of the ephemeral by invoking a slight haze in her images of the dreary, snow covered, and brown seasons that have overtaken both urban and rural locales. Elise Kaufman's architectural ink drawings use watery tones of black, blue and gray on mylar to convey the Irish landscape as it might appear through the stained lens of time.

We hope that those of you who have not sought out distant landscapes will visit us for this exhibition, which suggests that however urban, even the familiar dock of nearby Redhook is subject to the mutations of nature, as conveyed through the distinct styles of these visually erudite artists.

Exhibition: June 22 - August 28, 2005
Opening hours: Thur-Sun 12 - 6 pm

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