© Laura Letinsky

Untitled (#58), 2002
Chromogenic print, 30 x 34 inches
© Laura Letinsky

Laura Letinsky
I did not remember I had forgotten

Edwynn Houk Gallery is pleased to present the second installment of photographer Laura Letinsky's ground breaking still lifes. The exhibition, entitled "I did not remember I had forgotten", consists of large scale color prints.

For centuries, artists have explored the table as a place of intimacy and metaphor. Through her altered perspectives and keenly textural compositions, Laura Letinsky has revived the tradition of tabletop still life in contemporary photography. She states that the photographs in this series, "began almost as details, elaborations from my earlier couples series. In this work, I want to explore the formal relationship between ripeness and decay, delicacy and awkwardness, control and haphazardness, waste and plentitude, pleasure and sustenance".

In this exhibition, Laura Letinsky has continued her stylized photographic translations of the mundane: discarded peels and empty glasses alternately scatter and jumble on the picture plane. With the "remains" dispersed thus, spatial tensions are pushed to their limits, affixing notions of loss and temptation to their subjects.

Like the 17th Century painters before her, Letinsky invites viewers to ponder the perishable nature of all worldly things, and the evanescence of sensual pleasures.

Laura Letinsky's entire body of still life work will be collected in the upcoming book "Hardly More Than Ever" (due Spring 2004, DAP). An exhibition of the same title will be held at the influential Renaissance Society in Chicago.

Exhibition: 20 November, 2003 - 17 January, 2004
Hours: Tue-Sat 11am - 6pm

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